What is a Bidet Towel?

Designed to be used instead of toilet paper, a bidet towel is a small towel used to dry off after using a bidet. These often come with around six in a box and can be washed and reused after each use. You don’t have to, though: You can use the same towel for a couple of days as you would a standard hand towel.

Can You Use a Bidet Towel More Than Once?

Whether you reuse the same bidet towel before washing it is personal preference.  You should be clean after using a bidet, so there’s no harm in reusing it. Personally, though, this isn’t something I do. I have a box full of clean towels in my toilet, and one for used towels.

Once I’m finished with one towel, after one use, I drop it in the used box to be washed. I pop them in the dryer to keep them extra soft after they’ve been washed, because cotton has a frustrating habit of going a little rough when left to dry outside, and that’s the last thing you want to come in contact with your behind.

What are the Best Bidet Towels?

Our favorite bidet towels come from one of the best bidet brands out there: Tushy Bamboo Bidet Towels. These are just one set in our rotation, but they’re by far our favorite. They’re extremely soft. Tushy likens them to having a panda hug your butt, and while a strange thing to think about, we’re inclined to agree.

Don’t just take our word for it though — here’s what one customer had to say:

Tushy is in the process of changing a portion of my life. These towels are amazingly soft and comfy. Have cut down my TP use a lot!

They’re the perfect size too. Each towel is the size of a washcloth, so they’re easy to store. Any larger and I wouldn’t be able to roll them up to store in my box full of clean towels. This really is the optimum size for a bidet towel. They’re also easy to manoeuvre. They’re small enough that the end isn’t dangling into the bidet bowel.