Where to Buy a Portable Bidet in 2021

Want to buy a Portable Bidet? Amazon and REI both carry a selection of them, so tracking one down isn’t the hard part. Finding one that’s worth buying is though. Fortunately, we’ve made that easy for you in our list of the best Portable Bidets, where we called out the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet and the HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet as the ones to buy. Whether you’re after either of them, or something a little different, here are all the places to buy a Portable Bidet in 2021.


As you’d expect, Amazon has the largest selection of Portable Bidets, so it should be your first port of call if you’re in the market for one. It carries both the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet and the HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet, as well as hundreds of other offerings — and with prices starting at $5, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Plus, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can take advantage of free next-day delivery, making it a must for last-minute shoppers.

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The nation’s favorite outdoor equipment store doesn’t offer a lot when it comes to selection, carrying only the Happy Bottom Portable Bidet. It’s pretty much the same as the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet and the HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet. REI Members will receive an estimated 10% back on the item as part of their member dividend. Shipping isn’t free unless you spend $50 though so Amazon is the one to shop through if you’re looking to keep the cost to a minimum.

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Popular modern bidet manufacturer Tushy has a Portable Bidet of its own. It’s called the Tushy Travel Bidet, and it’s available from its online store for $29, making it one of the more expensive offerings out there. The main appeal here is that it can be collapsed when it’s not in use. It also comes with a carabiner attached to hook it onto your bag and a discreet carrying case should you decide to stow it inside. It’s currently out of stock and is scheduled to start shipping again on June 10.

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