What is a Travel Bidet?

Created to let you ditch toilet paper while out and about, Travel Bidets — also known as Portable Bidets — are often small bottles with a nozzle attached to the top that let you aim and fire a burst of water at your private parts when you’ve finished taking care of business, be it in the middle of a forest or in a public toilet.

The Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet is the best Portable Bidet on the shelves. Just fill it with cool or warm water, screw on the cap, then squeeze it at the intended area. When you’re done, remove the nozzle, pop on the cap to keep the water from spilling out, then slip it into the bundled carrying bag for transporting.


For those after something a bit more premium, there’s the Tushy Travel Bidet, which can be collapsed into a small canister when it’s not in use, taking up a lot less space in a rucksack or holdall. It’s small enough to pop in your jacket pocket, though we’d recommend putting it in the bundled carrying case before you do.

Of course, Travel Bidets aren’t only for adventurers. You can pop one in your bag to use at the office or when nature calls while you’re out and about, so you don’t have to touch toilet paper that may have been handled by dozens of other people, and could be overflowing with bacteria, and risk an infection in the most severe cases.