How to Use a Hand Held Bidet

There’s no real science to using a Hand Held Bidet. You’ll develop a technique that’s comfortable for you. There are some dos and don’ts you’ll want to be aware of though that could end up saving you from flooding your bathroom.

We’ll break it down recipe-style to start with so you can get started quickly if you’re sitting on the throne, doing a quick search before reaching for the hose, then we’ll dive into some of the other things to be aware of in more detail.

How to Use a Hand Held Bidet

  1. Detach the Hand Held Bidet from its cradle, then turn the shut-off valve to prime the Hand Held Bidet for action (no water will exit).
  2. Lean forward, manoeuvring the Hand Held Bidet into the toilet bowl from behind, tilting it up at a slight angle toward the intended area.
  3. Gradually squeeze the trigger, adjusting the pressure and angle as required, then stow the Hand Held Bidet and flick the shut-off valve.
  4. Now all that’s left to do is dry off using a sheet or two of toilet paper (dab-dry to cut down on waste) or a towel, depending on which you prefer.

The first thing to note here is that females may want to take a different approach to the second step, spraying through the front of the toilet seat to clean both the anal and genital regions — or they may not. It’s a personal experience.

With this in mind, we should stress that it will take a little while to figure out what’s the most comfortable setup for you. You’ll want to test different angles and pressures. If it doesn’t seem right the first time, try switching it up a little bit.