Best Bidet Brands in 2021

Whether you’re shopping for a bidet toilet seat or a more traditional free-standing bidet, you’re going to want to focus your search on a few manufacturers, like Brondell and Kohler. To make life easier, we’ve rounded up the best bidet brands for all types, including the popular travel bidet and less common bidet faucet.

Best Bidet Brands

  • Bio Bidet
  • Brondell
  • Kohler
  • Lotus
  • Tushy

Before we dive into what each brand is best for, we’ve rounded up all of the best bidet brands above for those who would rather take a look and see what each has to offer and make a decision themselves. If you’d rather us tell you, read on for our detailed list of the best bidet brand and their respective areas of expertise.

Bio Bidet

On the shelves in Costco and various other nationwide retailers, and available online, Bio Bidet makes some of the best affordable bidets out there, with its Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat its most popular offering — featuring variable water and seat temperature, a built-in night light and a self-cleaning nozzle.

The manufacturer also manufacturers all-in-one bidet toilets and bidet faucets, and has various accessories including cleaning kits and replacement parts listed for sale on its website. All products are manufactured by Bio Bidet and come with at least a one-year warranty, while most are covered (parts and labor) for three.


Brondell offers various bidet products, including toilet seats, attachments, faucets and travel bidets, as well as replacement parts and accessories. It’s best known for its affordable Swash IS707 Advanced Electric Bidet Seat, which offers complete control of the wash (temperature, pressure, etc.) and has a warm air dryer built in.

Notably, Brondell also manufacturers our top pick for the best portable bidet, the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet. The way it works is simple: Simply fill it with cool or warm water (up to 400ml at a time), screw on the cap, then aim and fire. When you’re done, remove the nozzle, pop on the cap, then stow it.

Just like Bio Bidet, all of Brondell’s bidets come with at least a one-year warranty, though most are protected for three. It also offers customers the option to purchase an extended warranty that upgrades the standard one year to three years and the three years to five years, depending on the product you’re buying.


If you’re shopping for the best selection, then look no further than Kohler. It has a host of different stylish options, specializing in bidet toilet seats and ultra-modern all-in-one bidet toilets. It’s best-seller is the simple-yet-effective Puretide Quiet-Close Manual Bidet Toilet Seat, which doesn’t require any electricity to function.

Another popular option is the C3-455 Quiet-Close Deodorizing Bidet Toilet Seat, a futuristic, high-end model with adjustable water temperature and pressure, programmable user presets, a built-in air dryer, integrated lighting that illuminates the bowl to serve as a nightlight, and automatic deodorization for odor control.


Specializing in toilet seat bidets, Lotus has a selection that spans from budget-friendly entry models right through the ultra-high-end. Its most popular model is the Lotus Smart Bidet Toilet Seat ATS-500, which costs $449 and offers continuous hot water, a feminine wash feature, and a lighter-on-the-behind child wash.

For those after something a little more luxurious, there’s the Lotus 2000 Bidet Toilet Seat. This puppy has all of the same features as the cheaper Lotus Smart Bidet Toilet Seat ATS-500, with a heated seat, deodorizer, remote control, steam-cleaning and massage function. It isn’t cheap though, ringing in at $899.


Rocketing to frame during the toilet paper shortage in the COVID-19 pandemic, Tushy offers affordable bidet toilet seat attachment to the masses. The base model, the Tushy Classic 3.0, has an automatic self-cleaning nozzle and variable pressure and angle control. Best of all, it requires no electricity or plumbing.

If cold water isn’t your jam, there’s the Tushy Spa 3.0. It’s a little more expensive than the Tushy Classic 3.0, but comes with a temperature-control knob that lets you crank the heat up. This model needs to be hooked up to your home’s hot water supply though so installing it takes a bit longer, but you can still do it yourself.