How Do You Dry Off After Using a Bidet?

There are several different ways to dry off after using a bidet, our favorite of which is to use a bidet towel. There are actually purpose-made towels, like the Tushy Bamboo Bum Towel, that are a lot smaller than a traditional hand-towel and are made out of softer, more absorbent materials that are meant to be more comfortable to use on your sensitive areas. The aim here is to use one, then chuck it in a basket to be washed, so you’re using a clean towel each time you use the facilities — similar to what people do with personal hand towels.

On the other hand, you can always use a couple of squares of toilet paper to pat the area dry if you don’t feel like investing in some new threads for the bathroom. This will still save you a lot of money and the environment as it still dramatically cuts down the amount of tissue needed. Or you can splash (pun totally intended) out on a fancy bidet that has a dryer built right in. Functioning in a similar way to any hand-dryer you’d find in a public restroom, this channels a burst of warm air at the area you’re cleaning to dry it off without having to move off the bidet.

But What’s the Cleanest Way to Dry Off?

Using a paper towel after using a bidet is considered to be the most hygienic way to dry off. This is because you’re using a clean sheet each time, instead of reusing the same towel. If you’re keen to do your bit and save the environment, you’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t have to use anywhere near the same amount of tissue when drying as you do when wiping — a couple of squares will do the trick. We recommend using some recycled or bamboo toilet paper as well to further cut down your carbon footprint. Who Gives a Crap has a fantastic selection.