Do You Poop in a Bidet?

You may be here because you’ve found yourself needing to drop off some timber and you’re torn between a toilet and a smaller, toilet-and-sink-looking fixture, wondering where to make the deposit, so we’ll cut to the chase: You do NOT poop in a bidet — at least if it looks similar to the one above, called a standalone bidet.

This is because a standalone bidet is used to clean off. You do this by moving over to the standalone bidet when you’re finished taking care of business in the toilet, often located next to it. When you arrive, you’ll need to straddle the bidet, aiming your rear or front toward the jet, depending on the area you want to clean.

You CAN Poop in These Bidets

There is a caveat here, though: If you’re using a toilet seat bidet like Tushy or a fancy toilet with a bidet built in to boot, you can (and should) poop in this. More often than not, the bidet head — often referred to as the jet — will appear after hitting a button on the control console, and disappear when it’s done.

To save you from a mess nobody wants to clean up, we repeat: You never poop in a standalone bidet. Just remember that if it’s freestanding, it’s strictly for cleaning. Other indicators are a traditional drain, and not a bowl with a tank or flush lever like a toilet. Better yet, if it isn’t a toilet, don’t poop in it. Now that’s a rule to live by.