Can You Install a Bidet in an Apartment?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you can install a bidet in an apartment. In fact, you can install a bidet in any building with a water supply. Whether you’re allowed to, and the type you can use, though, depends on the terms of your lease. Read on to find out what you can install and where, and the potential limitations.

Can You Install a Bidet in an Apartment?

If you own your apartment, you can install any bidet you want — standalone, toilet seat attachment or even a bidet toilet. But if you rent, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to the former of latter, as no landlord will want you ripping out the toilet that’s there or installing new fixtures.

What Bidet Can You Install in an Apartment?

This means your only choice is a toilet seat attachment. These require no specialist plumbing work. You can do it all yourself, and it can be reversed when you leave — your landlord would never even know you had it. Depending on how the room is structured, you could even have a hot water toilet seat bidet.

Just keep in mind that for a hot water toilet seat bidet to function, it’ll need to be connected to your apartment’s hot water line — so it’ll need to be close to a sink. For everything else, seeing as bidet water comes from the fresh water supply, it’ll just attach to the water line that feeds into the toilet.

This doesn’t mean that bidet water is toilet water, though: It isn’t. In almost all cases, the water that fills the toilet tank is the same water that’s used in your bath, shower and sink — it’s the water you bathe in and drink on a daily basis. It’s totally sanitary, and it doesn’t come from the toilet bowl.

Check with Your Landlord Before Installing a Bidet

You’ll want to check with your landlord before installing a toilet seat bidet attachment, though. Your contract may specifically state you can’t make any changes to the plumbing, even something reversible. They may ask, even though you can do it yourself, that you have a professional plumber install it for you.

What’s Our Favorite Toilet Seat Bidet?

If you’re shopping now, our favorite toilet seat bidet is the Tushy Classic 3.0. Tushy is one of the best bidet brands out there, and the Tushy Classic 3.0 is a cheapish attachment that features an automatic self-cleaning nozzle and variable pressure and angle control. Best of all, it requires no electricity or plumbing.

But the Tushy Classic 3.0 is cold water. If you want something that blasts out warm water, consider the Tushy Spa 3.0. It’s a bit more expensive than the Tushy Classic 3.0, but comes with a temperature-control knob that lets you crank the heat up. This model needs to be hooked up to your home’s hot water supply though.