A Bidet in Your Backpack: Best Portable Bidets in 2023

Portable Bidets, also known as Backpacking Bidets, are the latest craze with many claiming they’re not only fantastic for camping trips where there are no facilities to dispose of toiler paper but also every day life. There are several different types of them though and the one you choose will determine where you can use it. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best Portable Bidets on the shelves at the moment, alongside some buying advice to help you make the right purchase.

Why You Should Use a Portable Bidet

There are several reasons you should use a Portable Bidet if you find yourself venturing into the wild often. We’ll start with the obvious one: You don’t need to use toilet paper, so you don’t need to carry around used toilet paper for hours on end after you’re done with your business (because you totally should be adhering to the strict Leave No Trace policies and not hiding it under a rock or in a shrub). Bidets also result in cleaner finish, so you won’t have to worry about a stinky rear.

But most interestingly, using a Portable Bidet eliminates so-called ‘butt chafe’. This is because it washes away all of the salty sweat that builds up on your behind while walking for hours at a time. Just remember to take something to dry yourself off with, like a small towel, or you’ll find yourself back in the exact same position, only worse, in no time. You will need to rinse and repeat a couple of times throughout the day, depending on how long you’re hiking for, but it really, truly works.

Best Portable Bidets in 2023

So, which Portable Bidet should you buy? It comes down to just two — the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet or the HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet. Both are very basic and do one thing and one thing well: Keep you clean. You don’t want anything that needs batteries or a design that’s so confusing it can’t be fixed should it happen to fail while you’re out, in the middle of nowhere, doing your business. There should only be one thing needed that isn’t in the box: Water.

Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet

The Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet is hands-down the best Backpacking Bidet you can buy in 2021. We’d even go as far as to say it’s the best Portable Bidet overall. The way it works is simple: Simply fill it with cool or warm water (up to 400ml at a time), screw on the cap, then aim and fire. When you’re done, remove the nozzle, pop on the cap, then slip it into the discreet carrying bag. The nozzle is angled to make sure you hit the target every time, without soaking your legs and feet.

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HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet

Introduced to the world on Germany’s version of Shark Tank, The HappyPo Easy Portable Bidet is near-identical to the Brondell Gospa Travel Bidet, with the main difference being the design: It’s a little wider and more ergonomic, despite holding the same 450ml of water, making it a perfect choice for anyone with larger hands or medical conditions that impact mobility like arthritis. Again, the way it works couldn’t be easier: Just fill it with water and squeeze. No batteries needed.

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